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What is ECOS-G

Over the years, preserved topical medications have remained the basis of treatment for various ocular diseases, such as glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, infections or uveitis diseases. But, exposure to preservatives is a major reason for the development of adverse effects as they have a potential to cause toxicity to the ocular surface, especially in long-term therapies.

ECOS is first born to answer unmet needs in glaucoma management allowing two communities of specialists to speak and work together and wishes to develop this approach in other ocular diseases.

That’s why Théa, as a leader in the development of preservative free ophthalmic products since several years, have decided to support the European Club of Ocular Surface (ECOS) initiative with the objective to increase the awareness of glaucoma specialists on the importance of ocular surface management in glaucoma patients.


ECOS also aims at providing European clinical ophthalmologists with the latest scientific evidence on interest in PF products in chronic diseases such as glaucoma, which can be useful for their daily practice.

Actually, ECOS gathers more than 80 members who are international experts located in Europe, Federation of Russia and Mexico.


The ECOS’ Scientific Committee

The ECOS’ Scientific Committee is piloted by three chairmen and composed of more than 80 members representing in each country both communities of ocular surface and glaucoma specialists.

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